Wooden roof is a valuable and important aspect in the construction of a wooden house. It protects the house from the influence of the environment and also it’s a nice decoration of the house. The right choice of roof for house or a wooden bathhouse is a very responsible step. The high quality roof shows the taste of the owner.

Nowadays there is a wide range of different roofing materials for the private houses, cottages, chalets and etc. The most common ones are: metal roofing sheets, natural roofing (shingles). Beside, you it’s necessary to think over the insulation of house in order to save the heating.

Advantages of a wooden roofing for log

We offer you wooden roofing which is being made by the masters in the villages of the Transcarpathian region. This art transfers from generation to generation. It looks very attractive and pleasing to the eye:

– Wooden roofing – laid shingle, peak, shake roof shingles are very reliable materials which is made from the mountainous fir of our region;

– wooden roof is breathes. When wet, it quickly dries;

– Has excellent sound absorption. Quench sounds of strong hail and rain;

– Wooden roof looks fabulous and attracts attention. It stands out among the roofs from other materials. Its natural structure can make a variety of shades, which gives a special uniqueness;

– Term of exploitation is not less than 80 years.

Experience in laying a wooden roof

We have excellent experience in roofing of any complexity. We can make a dome on church of any shape, and design with wooden roofing.  All wooden materials which we use in our work are selected in the highlands of the Carpathians at an altitude of more than a thousand meters above sea level. This is a higher grade wood.

All materials are made by hand, without any interference with electric  lathes, that is, the shingle is cut manually on natural wood fibers. That is why the roof will be reliable and unique and will serve you more than 50 years.

At the request of the customer, a wooden roof we can paint in any color or leave the natural wood texture. Great popularity has become the roof for wooden churches shingles and peak for domes.

“Dom Karpacki” company will help you to make the right choice with material selection. Will consult with insulation of wooden house and other issues related to installation work. We will take all the work related to the construction on ourselves. For many years you can enjoy the beauty and reliability of a wooden roof!