When construction of building from log is finished and all communications are conducted, it’s time to start internal work. It improves the operating characteristics of log and also gives a possibility to create a unique design. Properly executed work on processing makes wooden house with unique atmosphere.

Internal work that we carry out:

– the final polishing of the walls and ceiling;
– coloring of walls in any color;
– installation of lags;
– floor insulation;
– stacking of the floor (lining board, parquet board and parquet);
– coloring of a floor and a baseboard;
– roof insulation of the attic part;
 battening installation under beadboard ceiling, stroebe cutting under beadboard ceiling, ceiling molding and beadboard ceiling installation, coloring of baseboard and beadboard ceiling;
– laying decorative cord on the walls;
– cutting out  on doorways and window for slide bearing;
– installation of windows and doors;
– processing door and window platband;
– installation of internal and external window sill;
– manufacture and installation of stairs in the design chosen by the customer from any material;
– manufacture of saunas (finishing foil, install a reclaimed wood ceiling treatment or beadboard ceiling of linden, manufacturing shelves of different types of wood and other kinds of works at the request of the client;
– other construction work at the request of the customer.

Protection of wood from destructive phenomena

To avoid the destruction of wood, need effective protection against excessive moisture, fire, and insects – pests. Our company cares about protection of all construction materials by processing them with special solutions which do not harm people and the environment.

Precipitation, temperature variations, direct sunlight can all lead to rotting wood. The first signs are fungus and mold. To avoid all negative phenomena, our company carries out a number of preventive works, which provide the tree with protection from rot.

The best way is antiseptics, which are liquid solutions or pastes. Some antiseptics are universal, they protecting the tree immediately from rot and beetles.

To protect wood from fire, we use fire resistant solutions – flame retardants. For residential houses, they are mandatory protection. The substance, which treated the tree under the influence of the flame, turns into a thin film, which for some time prevents the fire.

We care not only about building a beautiful and cozy home, but also about reliability and  safety of living in it!