It’s very important for all people, without exception, that their cozy dwelling was warm, so the insulation of a wooden house is an important. Especially when winters are severe. So, if you want to meet winter whith warmth and comfort, please contact our company and we will create a warm and cozy home for you.

The masters of company “Dom Karpacki” recommend you which log to choose for building and which will be appropriate for your area. We take into account the climate conditions and other factors. We make foundation and put Ruberoid in order to reduce the level of the humidity.

Home insulation from “Dom Karpacki

  • The warm effectiveness increases. The expenses on the heating reduce.
  • Possibility to save walls from negative factors.
  • Possibility to change the look of the house
  • It’s always pleasant to come back to the warm house

What should one take into account during the home insulation

  • Only experienced workers. They will advise that it’s best to choose for insulation of house.
  • Define the thickness of the thermal insulation material.
  • Insulation should be performed on technology.
  • Save log from different factors.

All process of insulation lasts in few stages: to choose exact insulation, installation of thermal insulation and outer shell.

Cozy and warm wooden houses

Warm wooden house is a dream of all the people who live in big cities.  Most people make choices in favor of wooden houses. Wood keeps and delayed the heat in the house. The myth has been dispelled so far. It is very pleasant to come back home which is warm and cozy. You can also warm yourself near the fireplace.

Our company will create comfortable conditions in your wooden house and will make the atmosphere wonderful.