The construction of various wooden structures for us is a kind of art. Each has a special uniqueness, because the masters of the company put their souls in every project. Our works are highly valued not only in Ukraine, but also near and far abroad. Countries that have already evaluated our skills are Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Moldova, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia. The company “Dom Karpacki” exports:

  • wooden houses, cottages
  • bathhouses
  • summerhouses
  • resort
  • church, chapel
  • restaurants ,cafes ,bars
  • shops and kiosks
  • modern houses and houses of hytsyls and other.

   Ukrainian wooden houses made of logs are the most popular in Europe. Of great interest are the excellent quality of work, ecological material, affordable price of logs.

Export responsible process

   Export of wooden structures from Ukraine is a very important process. It requires knowledge of many nuances of Ukrainian and foreign legislation. Each delivery is accompanied by all necessary documents. All materials are certified.

   Wall materials and all lumber are treated with special solutions (antiseptic, refractory mixture). Packaging of materials passes through all relevant standards. The quality of products, which is used in construction only of high quality.

Every project is important for us

   Creating a project, we take into account all the wishes and additions of the customer. Projects of wooden houses are developed by our qualified specialists. The created rough draft of the architectural drawing gives an opportunity to understand how it is possible to design interior spaces. It is possible to make changes to the layout of the rooms, change overall planning.

   We will be able to realize your own project of a house, cottage, bathhouses, summerhouses, etc. For the installation of the house on the customer’s area, we send our specialists. “Dom Karpacki” guarantees to each client the high quality of production and installation.

Demand for the design and construction of wooden houses abroad

   For today, the construction of wooden houses in Europe enjoys an unprecedented demand. Luxury houses and cottages, which we design and build, fit well in places with a beautiful landscape. People want to live in comfortable and healthy conditions. Tree has all these properties.

   Ukrainian specialists are most valued both in Ukraine and abroad. Talented masters truly create a magical aura that attracts many potential customers. We will help to create the house of your dreams!