Types of log:

In houses building we use such types of log:

Profiled log

Houses made of profiled logs are quite popular, because this log is an ideal square shape. This type of log is considered to be the most modern and high-tech material, since for such log certain profile is provided on woodworking equipment. Due to the tongue and groove joints fit is sufficiently tight and does not need additional sealing work. Appearance of profiled log provides a presentable appearance of the house and gives an opportunity to execute any design decision.

Natural timber

Nutural timber - it’s log in which the entire structure and all layers of the tree trunk are completely preserved. For this type of log selected a tree which has not less than two hundred years. Since the wild log doesn’t have a perfect shape, this complicates the process of folding wooden construction, therefore, to fold this type of log, it will take more time than a profiled or cylindrical log. Diameter of nutural timber is much larger than other types of log, thats why house of the nutural timber will be more resilient to environmental conditions, better keeps the heat in the cold season and will be stands for many years.

Cylindrical log

Cylindrical log is the most popular type. The log is processed in a sawmill on special equipment for high-precision woodworking, which makes it possible to obtain log of ideal round shape. Cylindrical log, due to its ideal shape, is tightly adjacent to each other, this prevents through blowing of the walls. Wood cutting and calibration make logs the same size and the surface of log becomes perfectly smooth. Cylindrical log has a rather pleasant and saturated color of wood. We will create house of your dreams!

More than ten years the company "Dom Karpacki" pleases it’s customers with unique and reliable projects.To date, the manufacture of wooden houses has become more popular in many countries, including ours, which every day increases the amount of competition among companies in this field of activity, but it is not so easy to find truly talented designers, architects and masters!

Manufacturing of houses from wood is the main direction of company. We create private and commercial houses from timber, cottages, chalets, shops, restaurants, baths, churches, modern and hutsul huts, and also produce wooden floors and domes of any complexity, and many other structures. We export wooden structures.

The main approach to work in "Dom Karpacki" is decency, individual approach to each client and project, affordable price, guaranteed quality, timely and proper performance of work.

The package includes:

  1. Architectural engineering
  2. 3D visualization
  3. Manufacturing constructions
  4. Installation
  5. Wood processing
  6. Delivery

Advantages of company " Dom Karpacki"

 Forest with excellent coniferous species. Before manufacturing a certain structure, each log is checked, and it receives the necessary documents for further use. Houses made of wood are environmentally friendly, they create the ideal indoor climate for human and positively affect your health, since the finish of the house, which is carried out with help of an antiseptic, does not affect the useful properties of log, and wood cleans the air and has a beneficial effect on your lungs. Also, wooden houses are hardy under all natural conditions;

 Due to the natural circulation of air, houses from the timber do not require the installation of air conditioning systems, and through to good thermal insulation in winter, these houses quickly warm up. In summer, wooden houses delight their residents with freshness and coolness. Ordering a wooden house, you save time and money and at the same time get clean air in your house;

 Preparation and preliminary installationtake place on the territory of the company "Dom Karpacki", where constant monitoring and control of works is carried out, which guarantees our quality;

 The customer has the opportunity to preview how the work process takes place;

 Great experience in the design and construction of wooden structures. Wooden construction has long been considered the main craft in the Transcarpathian region. All the secrets of work and the ability to work with wood were passed down from generation to generation, now we put these skills and secrets into each project;

 Affordable prices. "Dom Karpacki" has a permanent staff of skilled workers and its own territory of the enterprise. We work without intermediaries, which makes it possible to establish affordable prices for our customers;

 Quality control department.All sets of wooden structures pass quality control, which excludes the possibility of marriage. We are proud of our reputation and every client is important to us;

 Own forest resources. All material is sorted and carefully processed by special formulations;

 Considerable choice of projects. The company has a large enough portfolio of ready-made projects. You can take, directly, participate in the design of your own desired house;

 We build from A to Z. We carry out works from installation of a box for roofing and internal works, we put houses on the base of the customer.

Our masters invest a piece of soul in every project! For you, we not only develop a design project, and also with the help of highly qualified specialists, we will build a high-quality and sound building, we will do all the finishing work, selection of materials, textiles, creating for you a unique and unrepeatable design solution!

Get a 10% discount on ordering a house over 150m2!

Our staff

Highly qualified specialists will help to create House of your Dream!
Chief Architect

Chief Architect


Chief architect is an expert who will help you to carry out architectural design of the house on a professional basis, and also to develop planning and interior solutions.

3D designer

3D designer


3D designer will help you create a layout of external and internal design of private house, villa house, cafe, restaurant and any other construction and help recreate realistic final result in three-dimensional space.

Project Manager

Project Manager


Project-manager, this is an employee of the office, possessing a set of knowledge in field of manufacture of wooden houses, staff member who's accepts the applications, discusses with the client all nuances, analyzes and transfers to further performance of works.

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